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Nature’s Sweetie Energy Bites - Paleo

paleo-bitesRaw Ingredients Include:

  • organic unsweetened coconut
  • almond butter
  • raw organic coconut oil
  • ground organic cacao
  • organic coconut milk (purified water, unsweetened coconut)
  • organic cinnamon
  • stevia herb powder
  • pure vanilla (vanilla beans, water, 4% alcohol, 2% vanillin)
  • sea salt

Allergens: contains tree nuts/ peanuts, made on shared equiptment.

Exact nutrition information has not been calculated but these contain about 120 calories each.

Except for any naturally occurring sugar, they are sugar free.

These can also be made with honey.



Nature's Sweetie Energy Bites – Oat

choc-almond-sweetie-bitesRaw ingredients include:

  • Rolled organic,  gluten free oats
  • raw almond and or peanut butter
  • raw organic coconut oil
  • raw honey
  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg
  • raisins
  • organic cocoa powder
  • organic cacao
  • dark chocolate (organic raw cacao beans, organic coconut palm sugar, organic cold pressed raw cocoa butter),
  • pure vanilla extract (vanilla beans, water, 4% alcohol, 2% vanillin)
  • sea salt

Allergens: contains tree nuts/peanuts, made on shared equipment.

Available in chocolate,  chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, plain.  You choose the nut butter- Almond or Peanut.  These can also be made sugar free.

Each bite contains about 4g sugar and 150 calories.



Meet Heidi Lessick, Our Founder

"Nature’s Sweetie Energy Bites are made with love, care and the finest ingredients."

About five years ago, I started experimenting with eating healthier because I was not feeling what I consider ‘optimal’. I love my sweets so I am always on a quest to make yummy things that are healthy and will satisfy my hankering for dessert. Hence, Sweetie Bites were born. Nature’s Sweetie is the name one of our neighbor boys gave me after a day of hiking in the woods around our house. I fell in love with the name since it fit and decided to use it for my business. I hope you love the bites as much as my family and I do. Nature’s Sweetie Energy Bites are made with love, care and the finest ingredients. I even roll my own oats for maximum nutritional value and freshness! They are shelf stable but I recommend freezing or refrigerating them to lengthen their nutritional life. 


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About Heidi

Heidi Lessick is an Oregon native born and raised in Milwaukie. She is married with two children living currently in Oregon City. Heidi is a 'foodie' who loves cooking and creating things in her kitchen. Heidi is passionate about good food, health and fitness and sharing her knowledge with others. Heidi co-founded a group in Oregon City called Food For Life.. The group meets once per month for a pot luck of whole foods and a health related topic (food, farm, wellness,etc.)

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Everyone loves our Nature's Sweetie Energy Bites. See below what folks are saying about them!

David Sparks

CEO at Hawthorne Media Group

"I bought some Sweetie Bites for my office and EVERYBODY loved them. I have set up a monthly account and now have them delivered regularly. Delicious and healthy!!!"

Sunshine Crone

"I love the Paleo bites!  Just one gives me lasting energy without a sugar crash!"

Caira Lessick

"I take Nature's Sweetie Energy Bites to school and share them with my friends.  Everybody loves them- especially the chocolate chip peanut butter."

Jenny McNassar

"My kids LOVE Nature's Sweetie Energy Bites.  I have to hide them or they will eat the whole bag."

Chelsea Emery

"Thanks for introducing me to these wonderful culinary delights!"

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